Friday, May 14, 2004

Friday Five: Being Famous

Friday Five: Being Famous
Well seing as there is no longer a Friday Five, I've decided to make my own up this week. If you want to copy it and put it on your blog..please feel free
1.If you were the star of a movie who would you be and why?
I would be Luke Skywalker, in The Empire Strikes Back, because it has always been my life long ambition to be so!!! I would love to be able to learn 'the ways of the Force', master the art of using a lightsaber and to kick the ass off my dad, 'cos I never liked him anyway.....
2.If you were the star of a TV show who would you be and why?
Hmmmm tough one here. If we are talking in the 70's then without a doubt I'd be Wonder Woman. Why? because I'm the right shape, have the right hair and can do the spin like a professional. If we are talking modern day then I'd quite like to be Pru in Charmed because she has telekinesis, can astral project herself and got to smooch with Andy!!
3.If you were the prominent figure in a book/novel, who would you be and why?
I would probably like to be Emma (Whitehouse is it?) from Emma, because she sat in her enormous grounds and stitched, went to lots of really nice dinner and dances, was respected by a lot of people and eventually married the wonderful Mr Knightley
4.If you were to star in a musical, which would it be and why?
Well, not that I've seen it, only snippets, but I'd like to star in Starlight Express because rollerblading burns off like 900 calories and hour!!!
5.If you could star in a famous singer's/group's music video, who's would it be and why?
Easy, I'd be in a-ha's video and would be the love interest of the one and only Morten Harket ( see Lorna, I said he was mine!!!)It would involve lots of scenes with Morten with his shirt off and me looking lustfully into his eyes getting ready for the ultimate smooch. Of course he'd fall for me in real life too and we'd live happily ever after.....