Saturday, May 01, 2004

Love me love my spica!!!!
Well today started off great. My furbaby turned 4 years old
I can't believe she is four already. Here's hoping I get at least another four years with her.
So I sets off to work, on the bus as my scoot was left at work due to my injured thumb. Arrives at work and realise that my thumb actually still really, really hurts and simple things like taking the shower I just had, made it worse. My boss wasn't happy and sort of demanded I go back to A&E and told me not to come back for the rest of the week.
Now some of you out there would maybe jump at the chance to have a bonus week off...not me esp when I have to give up my double bubble on Bank Holiday Monday ( I sooooo needed that cash) Anyhoo, off I toddle on my scoot, for the first time in six days. A little bit dodgy to say the least. I can't remember having to use my left hand much to break with...but oh how I do!
X-rayed this time, but no broken bones, just the same ol' sprained ligament, but this time the doc wants my thumb strapped up.
I explain the scooter problem, so dash home, precariously pulling on the left hand break, and thankfully arrive home in one piece. Straight on the bus to the A&E where they strap my thumb in an elastoplast spica. What?!!! I hear you ask is a spica ( cos I didn't know prior to today) basically it's a load of stinky elastoplast wrapped around your thumb and wrist, meaning you have a permanent hitch hiker's thumb and an embarrassed look on your face.
Do these doc's not know we stitchers need our thumbs to stitch with.
Well I've read the destructions and advice leaflet and one of the exercises is to touch each finger with my how's about touching a needle in between.........