Monday, June 07, 2004

Stitcher's Five:Finished Stitching

1. Do you give away any of your finished stitching as gifts?
Yes, quite often. I have probably stitched more for others than I have for myself. I gave each member of my family a stitched piece for Christmas last year.
2. Do you sell any of you finished stitching?
No I don't. However, I have been paid for stitching something for others, such as baby samplers etc. But I never charge very much.
3. Do you give any of your stitching away to charities?

Not as yet. I did stitch a banner for a charity group that I am involved with. I want to stitch some afghans for them next year to raffle off, and would maybe like to get involved with a couple of online charity stitching groups.
4. Do you keep any of your stitching for yourself?
Yup, a lot, which sort of gives away how much I stitch if you look at answer one!!
5. Do you stitch anything as part of exchanges or round robins?
I have been involved in an Easter card exchange and a Christmas card one, but that's it. I don't always have the time to fulfill my obligation, so I leave well alone.