Saturday, June 18, 2005

Clickety Click, Clickety Click.........
I have seen on a few of the other blogs I read, that people have started knitting. Some are first timers, others seasoned pros who have been kniiting for years, and others like me, who have done it for years, then got the stitching bug, and have now started to want to knit again.
I think for me, this is due to the introduction of some really groovy, funky yarns.
It's sad to say that there are now few wool shops around, but I have to say I am impressed with the growing number of online stores.
I have just ordered from an old favourite that I used to order stuff from when they only had a paper catalogue...Readicut Online
So what did I order? I got some Funky Fur(c)
I got the violet and the indigo and I am in the process of knitting this bag in the indigo and I am loving it! It is such a fun yarn to work with. I am going to knit another bag for my Goddaughter in the violet and might just have to order some more to make up as pressies

Moving on.....
I have recently had a session with a hypnotherapist in order to try and help me overcome the fear of passing my driving test. I have failed it 8 times, mainly due to nerves on the test itself. I love driving, ride a scooter so obvioulsy am confident on the roads, but I just get so bloody nervous on the test itself.
Anyway, I thought it was a good, positive experience. She gave me some Bach Flower Remedies I have read about these and they do sound interesting. I was given Chestnut Bud, Mimulus and Red Chestnut, which basically is because she thinks I fear known things, think more about others than I do myself and am afraid of failing something so don't want to try it for fear of doing so. Pretty nailed on really
Ironically, I will give anything a go to try and help me pass, so come on Flower Power, help me with that test!