Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Another Round-up...
Yup it's that time again. I get busy with stuff so forget to update my doesn't take much
So...what have I been up to? Well I have been zipping around in my little car, bless her! She's a dream, I am so pleased with her. I have gone on a couple of long drives to give me the practice, and on the motorway at that's an experience for someone who has only been driving legally on their own for 2 and a half weeks!
Last week DBF and I went up to a place called Fountains Abbey which is approx 1.25hrs away from me. It was a lovely drive out, and the walk we did was wonderful, apart from a bit where we went into a wooded lane. The directions made out that it was only a short bit, but it went on forever, very narrow and oppressive, hardly any light getting through. It felt like a Tom and Jerry wood, y'know, passing the same piece of scenery 10 times over in a short period of time
The rest was great tho.
Yesterday we went up to Goathland, the village where Heartbeat is filmed in the North Yorkshire Moors. It was a fantastic walk, and a beautiful day. It was also an experience to drive up there. Nearly two hours of driving on a very busy A road, and then onto moorland roads where sheep won't move out of the way, and hills with 125 gradients. I really enjoyed it. It will bode well for when I drive up to the Lake District next week. I think I'm doing OK to say I've only had the car since 9th Sept!
Here is a picture of the village shops in Goathland, labelled as Aidensfield for the filming. They are actual shops but just keep the name up for ease of filming.

Click for bigger pic!

and here is a picture of the moors taken from a high point of one of them.
Click for bigger pic

Three circuit sessions, one training session at work, three walks and a game of squash today. Not too bad.
The same old same old. My driving confidence is growing every day. I haven't done the jobs I need to do in the house yet...but I still have two days left in the month! I went to see Pride and Prejudice and loved it...a must have on DVD. I am also looking forward to my jols next week, which leads me onto...
How I hate leaving her, esp since she seems to be having her phantom pregnancy again She always seems to have one at the time I go on holiday, just as if she thinks it might make me stay at home. I ring my friend up every day who stays with the house to look after her. It's worse than leaving kids behind!
I haven't touched alpine for the last two months. I can't be bothered. I am much more interested in smaller things. I have stitched four small designs lately that I have yet to take piccies of, and am nearly finished with another of a rabbit with balloons. I have also been knitting some cushions to go in my car. I have the back of one to finish. Then I have some new yarn to knit some gifts with.
I have also started a new stitching piece which I'll take on my hols and then take a piccy of when I get back.
Sorry for the rabbitting on...