Saturday, October 01, 2005

Monthly Round-Up...
My goals for September were...
1.Complete one corner of Alpine Seasons. I couldn't be bothered. I have sort of gone off stitching this piece for a while.
2. Finish M designs 'D' Yup managed that one.
3. Start Rabbit Sampler. Nope, but only because I changed my mind and started an Olde world Map design instead. I also started a blackwork bunnies kit that I won off e-bay.
1. Paint the front of the house Nope, the weather wasn't good enough for me to be going up a tall ladder to paint the sills!
2. Paint the kitchen wall. Yup I did this the other day. I planned to just paint the lighter colour but as I did it I have noticed that the darker colour at the bottom could do with a touch up too.
3. Sort out front garden. Again the weather got in the way. I did manage to spray the weeds with weedkiller tho so now I look like I have a dead jungle growing there instead!
1. Do at least three walks. Yup, we did a local walk for 11 miles, Fountains abbey for 6.5 miles and Mallyan Spout and Goathland for 6.25miles.
2. Cycle at least once. ? Do you know...I can't remember if I did or bad is that!
3. Go to the gym at least once Yay! I went three times. Not to my local gym, but the one at work. I did three circuit sessions, also had a training day at work, and I also played squash with DBF a couple of days ago. Hurrah!
I suppose I didn't do too bad. I had a bit of a family crisis a few days ago that left me drained, so it ruined two days that I could have used to do the garden or at least some other chore.
I am pleased with my training and hope I can do a similar amount this month.