Saturday, December 03, 2005

So here's the round up I was on about...

Well, November has been a long, long month despite it's 30 days! I have mainly been at home or at DBFs with a couple of outings to the cinema and for something to eat.
Despite having a walking support shoe, after a while, my leg and foot do start to ache when I'm up and about, so I have to be careful. I don't want this thing on much longer.
One of the outings was to the Knitting and stitching show in Harrogate. I was kindly driven there by Little Rach. We had a wander around for about 2 hours whereby I spotted some yarn I thought was gorgeous, knitted up into a shawl. However, typically it was out of stock! It was from Get Knitted and can be seen here. I ordered some when I got home, in the Peacock shade. It is knitting up beautifully.See for yourself!
We then met up with a few other stitchers, namely,Karoline and her MIL,Paula,Kate, Amanda and her family and Lancashire Lassie, Pat.
I had a really good day. It was miserable weather so it was a good distraction.
Other than that, not a lot has happened...
Bunny has been just plain adorable! She has behaved so well lately, not that she's bad normally, but she's been extra good. I think she must sense that I'm not quite 'on the mark' and has therefore turned up the charm! To be honest, she is prolly glad of the company she's been having whilst I'm off work...all that extra pampering
I have started a map of the English Lake District and am approx 2/3rds through. I'll be stitching some more when I've finished blogging. I hope to finish in the next week before I lose interest
Other than that, it's been my knitting needles that have been in use. I posted the baby stuff I'd finished and I'll post another this week. I've also started the shawl and finished the front of another incomplete child's cardigan Only the sleeves and another front to do!
This is more apt for my life at the mo...I turned 32 two days ago and had a fab day, receiving lots of lovely pressies and cards. I have more pressies to come as my friend was late ordering them, and my God-daughters family always wait for me to go collect them I usually end up collecting both birthday and Christmas pressies together
My pot hopefully comes off on 5th December for good, I don't want a 4th one! Then it's physio I expect and back to work as soon as I can!
Thanks for reading...I hope December is a good month for you all...