Monday, January 29, 2007

Bunnies, Bunnies, everywhere...
OK so I like bunnies...well, yeh I guess I actually love bunnies. Why not? They are so darned cute after all.
Therefore, I would hazard a guess that it comes as no surprise that I have a bunny themed stitching project on the go. Or indeed that my last finish had bunnies in it, and the one before that...
The latest installment comes courtesy of Anchor. It is called Rabbit Run Sampler, but I cannot find a pic on the web, so I snapped a pic off the front of the cover to show you what the end result will be.

I have stitched the bun in the middle, some carrots and am starting the bunny at the top left.

I added some Wisper thread for the whiskers. Being an Anchor design, it has those dreaded back stitch charts, and to be honest, they really do spoil the project, since other than that, it is a lovely stitch.
The fabric is SMF Peach Grove 32ct Lugana(c).

The previous finish was Lori Birmingham's Tea For Two which is currently hung in my kitchen.

The crease in the middle has now dropped out!
And the previous finish before that was Anagram Diffusion's Couer Rouge Sampler...but as you can see I stitched it in purple!
The thread is Soy Luster Solid in Heliotrope and the fabric is SMF 32ct lugana Impressionism(c)Click the pic for a bigger shot!

It was a joy to stitch. It will hopefully one day turn magically into a pillow!