Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Goodbye Winter....Hello Spring....

It's that wonderful time of year where we say goodbye to the last throes of Winter and start to welcome in Spring. I am particularly fond of this time of year as there are still cold days about, but they are sunshine filled and very good for the soul.....gone is the dreariness of dark, damp and dull evenings....
I love Winter Sun, much more than Summer sun. I prefer the blue skies of Winter to the blue skies of Summer and I prefer the cooler temperature....I'm afraid I wilt in the heat of the Summer.
This weekend the Hubby and I were owed a couple of days off from work so we took the chance to spend them together, which is quite a rarity these days due to our ridiculous working hours pattern....but I digress.
We decided to go out walking and made a short break out of our plans. 
We drove up to Runswick Bay, a place neither of us had been to before. We stayed in a hotel recommended by a colleague, Cliff Mount and we had a lovely view of the bay. 
We set off on our walk which took us along the Cleveland Way, on the coastal path, up to Staithes. We sat and had our lunch at Staithes harbour....not a lot there due to the time of year, but gorgeous never-the-less as you can see below.

We then left Staithes, whilst chomping on the first ice-cream of the year...a delectable combo of vanilla and ginger with black cherry....hmmmmmmmmmm
In total, we only did five miles, but they were a lovely five miles. Back to the hotel for a cup of mocha and a bit of knitting looking out over the bay.

Isn't it a lovely view? The food was gorgeous and all in all we had a great stay. 
We left Runswick the next morning and drove down the coast road to Fylingdales Moor where we embarked on another walk. There had been a lot of deforestation since the walk was written, so we did go a bit wrong and ended up walking 9½ miles instead of 7½ mile, but when you are surrounded by wonderful countryside, it doesn't really matter does it?!

On that day our coffee spot was at a the seat of a very old monument, the Lilla Cross
Lilla Cross at Fylingdales Moor, North Yorkshire.

We then took the road home via the North Yorkshire Moors and topped off a pleasant weekend's outing by popping into a McDonald's and revelling in the bliss that is McLatte! I'm lovin' it! 

Then onto today, when, as I was closing the back garden gate after the window cleaner had been....and no that isn't the beginning of a plot line for some novel about a torrid affair with a window cleaner....I noticed some lady birds on the newel post of our decking.

Then as I started to wander around with the camera, I noticed that we had a few more on one of our shrubs...
And then I saw some more on another of those shrubs at the other side of the path...
Aren't they wonderful creatures? I think they are so pretty. In total we had over 30 ladybirds in our garden today...due to have a lot more judging by the behaviour of some of them...Spring most definately is here.
I'm now sat in the garden, enjoying the last few hours of the sun, watching the rather large butterflies flitting about looking for somewhere to land and soak up the sun. I hope everyone else has their little piece of Springy sunshine to sit out in.....
Sending ♥ to everyone....please feel free to Rabbit On.....