Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Stitcher's Five: Wishlists

1. Do you keep a wishlist?
Yes I do
2. If so how many items are on it?
Quite a lot, actually, things I have seen and wanted for a while, others I've seen and aren't too sure about and things I want but can't afford!!
3. Name three of those items
Hmmm All of Mindy's fabrics that I do not own.
A full DMC collection
Chart and materials for Chatelaine's Alpine Garden(c)when it is released.
4. Do you let other people see it?
No because it's in my head
5. How often do you add to it?
Whenever I see something I want!!!

Oh what a perfect Day....
Yesterday was a glorious day in my neck of the woods, as it was at DBF's, so we planned a steady easy day.
We trimmed the hedge at his house, and then once the chores were done, headed of to a local nature reserve and lake, Pugneys Country Park
It is beautiful on a wet day, so when the sun is shining you can imagine how pretty the water looks and how peaceful the Swans, ducks and geese look. It's a 2.5mile walk around the perimeter so we ambled and then had 20 minutes by the waters edge, me talking to the swans etc and him shaking his head at me talking to the swans etc.
I never knew geese could jump so high, so effortlessly. One approached a jetty with the top of it being at his eye level, and 'hop' out of the water with what seemed no effort onto the jetty, without using his wings. Can you imagine a human trying to jump up to something at eye level without any assistance!! I can barely jump up onto something that is calf level
We then went to the nearby Asda to get some food for lunch and came out with three week's worth of shopping, and then went to some castle ruins Sandal Castle and had a picnic consisting of salad and strawberries. All in all it was a wonderful day and lifted my spirits immensely. I hope we get more sunny days like that one......