Monday, May 24, 2004

Stitcher's Five:Finishing

1. How many have you framed on the wall?
I have 14 at my house, 2 at DBF's, 3 at my friend's house and 7 at my mum's.
2. How many do you have finished in other ways?
I only have three.
3. What was the most expenisve finishing?
Ermm that would be the frame for TW's Fantasy Sampler, it cost £75.
4. Have you finished anything yourself?
I have made two cushions. Both just a normal cushions, with removable stitched covers, and I also made a little pillow, trimmed with lace. I have also finished many smaller pieces buy buying the frames and mats myself.
5. Describe your favourite finished piece
It would be a toss up between My Row of Love and my Enchanted Alphabet. They are both framed with a speckled mat and dark frames, one a rope edge the other a stepped edge. I love them both equally.