Sunday, May 02, 2004

Thumbs Up!!.....
Well I finally finished the Chatelaine Christmas Mystery (c) Parts 1-5 yesterday, despite my hitch hiking thumb! It's good to know that I've caught up with it at last after sending the frogs on their way.
I have to say tho, I don't mind frogs, I often find them therapeautic.
Today I have done some more on my Grandma. I think I'll call her Meg, she looks like a Meg to me.
Anyway, Meg's coming along slowly due to the spica, so I'm leaving the over ones til it comes off.
Have you ever tried threading a needle with your opposite hand? Very strange indeed, but it's either that or the threads get stuck to the elastoplast, and I'll look like a hitch hiker with orts as decorations.
All in all I've not done much today, feeling a bit bleugh...worksick I think....Oh well the weather should be nice tomorrow so maybe I'll take a nice walk and forget about stuff for a day.........