Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Stitcher's Five: Others and stitching.
Okay so I forgot to do them yesterday..I blame it on lack of sleep and work, work, work!
1. Is your DH/partner supportive of your stitching?
Yes he is, he doesn't care either way about it really. He knows it's my hobby, that it keeps me happy and seeing as it's my money I'm spending he doesn't give a hoot about that aspect. He isn't too fussed about the finished products, but he does have two designs hung on walls in his house.
2. Do you ever stitch in company?
Yes, I stitch at work when there are loads of people around me. I stitch when my friends come over and if I am waiting for an appointment or something.
3. Been to a GTG (Get ToGether)?
Yes, I have been to three, due to go to another, and have mini ones at home every so often.
4. Does anyone complain about your stitching?
5. Ever had a stranger comment on your stitching?
Lots of times. People often call it knitting tho It is usually when I'm waiting for an appointment somewhere, someone will make a comment. Always good ones tho.