Sunday, August 29, 2004

To Blog or not to Blog
Why has blogger changed it's templates so that I can't write in the font and size I want to?
It's really changed how I feel about this blogging business, sort of put me off because my blog dosn't look like my blog anymore.
Any way, here are a few updates...

I have finally finished Fairy Grandmother aka Granny Meg.

I have also finished an old wip called Celestial Picture which is in my album. For some reason Blogger won't let me put a sensible link in this post!
Lifewise ther isn't really much to update!
Bun wise, she is as cute as ever! She has had her boosters for the year so is protected from mean diseases again. At the moment she has the penchant for apples and can often be found sniffing around me when she knows I have one in my hand!
That's it for probably won't be able to read it anyway as Blogger keeps shrinking my text again for some reason.........