Monday, December 06, 2004

Is it really that long......
since I last blogged. I don't know where time goes to...I just know there isn't enough.
Well since I last are the updates...
Stitchingwise, I have completed my Christmas Mystery and it is now in for framing. I will post a piccy when it is back. I have now started to work on Teresa Wentzlers Millenium again,. I don't have much to do, the comet, and angel and a bit of the border. Since picking it back up I have stitched the quote. You can see it if you click on the link in my side bar.
Bunnywise, she is still my adorable angel and is as we speak sat rather contentedley under my chair. I give her a little head rub every now and then in between typing! I bought her a Small furries Advent Calender this year, and she has had great fun ripping the doors open to reveal some yoghurt drop treats.
Lifewise, I have hit 31! I enjoyed my birthday this year so much better than last year, mainly because I organised stuff last year and they didn't go to plan. This year DBF and I just chilled out, went to see The Incredibles and had a lovely evening in. It's official..I'm in my early thirties! WooHoo!
Ok Enough Rabbitting On.........

This is from the meme Music Mambo
"2004 Highlights and Lowlights"
What are your top 5 albums of the year?

Hmmmmmmm I don't really know, as I can't remember buying many this year. So maybe I will go with the ones I've played the most. They are;
1. Will Young:Friday's it, love it, love it!
2. George Michael: Patience.....Definately worth waiting for.
3. Queen: Greatest Hits VI, II & III. It's in the car all the time!
4. Tavares:Anthology....groove on down to those 70s classics
5. Kylie:Body Language...great to listen to when you are getting ready to go out!

What are the 5 best singles of the year?
Again I am not a singles buyer, but the ones I play most often are;
1. Tavares:Heaven Must be Missing an Angel......
2. Georger Michael: Amazing
3. Queen: Killer Queen
4. Will Young: Stronger
5. Kylie: Chocolate
What songs that were released this year made you cringe?
Far too many to mention I'm that a sign I am getting old?
What was the musical highlight of this year for you?
Going to see Rick Astley at a local theatre. He sang swing numbers, Sinatra, Bacharach etc and was fantastic
What musical even this year made you just shake your head and wonder why?
Band Aid 20..............
That's it folks.
It may be a while again before I blog, maybe if I say once a fortnight I might remember......