Saturday, September 11, 2004

Back to what it should be!
Thanks to a little help from Karen V, I've managed to sort the font out on this it feels like mine again!!
For some reason my template had been changed..who knows who fairies maybe? Anyway....

The Friday/Saturday Five..
1. What is the best dessert you've ever had?
Hmmm tough one...I won't include ice cream in this as I don't think of it as a dessert, more as an essential dietary requirement. I'd probably go for a dessert named Caramel Apple Betty or Granny Apple Caramel, which is basically an apple based piece of pie with caramel on the top..scrummy to say the least.
2. Is there a dessert that just plain grosses you out?
Egg custard..nuff said
3. Straight out of the container or with lots of toppings .... tell us how you like your ice cream.
I'm not fussy..Ice cream is ice cream and is to be appreciated in any shape or form.
4. Cookie dough, brownie mix, cake batter or the finished products?
I'd now go for the finished product, although I did love licking the bowl out as a kid. I think I'm too worried about salmonella or something to do that as an adult!
5. You've just invented a great new dessert .... what's in it and what is it called?
It would be called Liquorice Heaven and would consist of a muffin with liquorice pieces in it, covered in licuorice allsorts flavoured ice cream topped with lashings of whipped cream and a liquorice syrup and mini liquorice allsorts. Hmmmmmm can you imagine the colour of your tongue after eating that!