Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I've been rumbled.......
I have many friends from different walks of life..I have stitchy friends, old school friends, friends of the family and work friends. Some of them know about this blog, most of them don't!
So imagine my surprise when one of my work friends( who has just hooked upto the net, and is shall we say...not on first name terms with the T'internet yet) told me in an email that he had found my blog!
When I asked him how, he explained that he wanted to reply to my email but didn't know my e-mail address, so search Yahoo! for my name 'Scully'
Can you believe it....a name so poplular thanks to a certain spooky FBI agent's redhead collegue.....and yet my blog is the third on the list of sites found when searching for Scully!
I tried it myself on Yahoo! and indeed, Rabbitting on is entry #3!
So there you have it, I am blog about my uniteresting life has been found...I will never be able to say anything bad about any colleagues without the possibilty that it will get back to work
All I can say quote Otis Spunkmeyer himself.....

"Arrows! Big T!...You should be a web detective............".........