Sunday, February 13, 2005

Just a quick update....
I am not really in the mood to blog at the mo, because the weather outside is miserable and it's making me
Stitching wise I am still on with Petal Fairy. I don't think I will finish her for Feb due to the over one sking, but I am enjoying her and she does look pretty.
I have just come back from a short stay in the Lake District. I so love that place, it is beautiful. It was great to get away, even just for two days. I came back and promptly booked another place for five nights later on in the year. I don't think I will ever get sick of staying there.
I went out on my bike, as mentioned in a post below. I went swimming whilst away, went on a 7.5 mile walk through Ambleside, and a strenous 2 mile walk in Bowness. I have also been training at work today. If the weather wasn't so horrible, I'd be out on my bike again.
That's it for now....might be back later in the week if the weather cheers up!