Saturday, February 19, 2005

Weekend Wonderings....
I have used this meme today, thanks to Weekend Wonderings
1/15/2005 Mental
1. Would you say you have a good memory?

I used to have a good memory, but since I went on some mediation that I need, my short term memory has been really affected.
I can remember minute details from things that happened ages ago, but I struggle in remembering to do things like send out birthday cards.
It really annooys me as I am quite an organised person, and I used to be brilliant about remembering things like that, appointments etc. Now I am rubbish! I have to set reminders on my phone, my pute or leave things in odd places so that I question why they are there. I use quite a lot of memory tools now!
2. Have you ever taken an iq test?
Yes, I have but it wasn't a proper one. I would say that I am average to just above average. I usually score well on the test the nation test etc. I do think tho that intelligence is also related to interest in a topic. If I like what I am studying I can learn about it better than if I have no interest.
3. Were/are you happy with your grades in school?
In a word no! I had a rough time around both my major exam times. For GSCEs I got hit on the head a few of weeks before I was due to go on study leave. I was unable to finish coursework and do practical exams for Music and Art. I was downgraded on all my mock exam results which were A's and B's. Even my teachers were annoyed with the examining board. As a result I only got 2 As, 4 Bs and 3 Cs when I could have done a lot better.
Move forward to A levels and I had a problem at home with neighbours severly disrupting my family's lfe. As a result my grades suffered as I wasn't sleeping, wasn't getting the time I needed to revise etc. I was gutted that I got an E in Maths, when some three months before in the mock I had been graded a B. I ended up getting a B, 2 Cs and an E with a B at maths AS level.
I did do better at Uni, but I had decided to leave after the first year due to hating the pkaced I lived in and wanting to do my current job too much. I manged 75% in mt first year exams, scoring 84% on one of them, I would have got a 1st with honours! Oh well eh?.....

I haven't done too much this week, I did train at the gym at work on Monday, but I have felt a bit under the weather for the last few days, so have taken a rest.
I have just added the details to the birth sampler I did and will take it in for framing on Monday.
I have also started an RSPCA kit called Give Us A Cuddle which has some cute small furries on it! Petal is coming along nicely.
I am shifts have been crazy...nuff said............