Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hmmmm....another update!
I know that I haven't blogged for a while, but life just doesn't always give me enough time! My work shifts should be in the dictionary next to the definition of the word crazy
So here is the short, sharp up date....
training wise I have been out for a few walks recently. I took a trip to
Robin Hood's Baywith DBF and it was great. We had a lovely walk around the area, along the coastline and then down into the town, which is just like a smuggler's cove!
We also had a good walk along the River Ouse in North Yorkshire. Hopefully we plan to do a few more, and we are off back to the Lakes again next week. the weather will be good. I have also done a few runs at work and been out on my bike for a few rides.
bunny wise, my little furbaby was 5 years old on the 1st May! I can't believe this little creature has been with me all this time. Here's to the next five years of fun, cuteness and little temper tantrums!
Well, what can I say...variety is the spice of life eh?
I have been a little busy bee with regards to stitching! I am plodding away on Alpine Seasons (c) by Chatelaine and will get a picture up when I've done part 3.
I have also finished
Golden Retriever This was for a friend's mum's birthday, which is actually today! They had a dog called Dixie who died a couple of years ago, so I am sure she'll appreciate this piece.
I have finally got Granny Meg framed!
Here she is! I have to admit, I love her! She now hangs in my bedroom acting as a true Fairy Grandmother(c)