Saturday, July 09, 2005

Checking in.....
Well things have been a little crazy in this stitching rabbit's life lately.
First off I should mention that I finally passed my driving test!
It seems that the flower power did in fact help!
I am sooooooo pleased, it's a huge weight off my mind, so now it's car hunting after I've passed my Pass Plus at the end of the month.
I am wanting a Citroen C3...I think they are really cool and dinky!
I have taken my CBT for my scooter today too, so that's another two years worth of riding allowed. However, I am getting the test bug and think I'll go in for my motorbike test in the next 12 months.
Blogwise, I've added July's calender and a few new blinkies. I esp like the new Bunny one because Bunnies aren't just for Easter. If anyone is interested you can click on the Rabbit Welfare Fund link on my side bar to read about bunnies and how they should be treated!
I have finished part four of Alpine Seasons (c) but will post a picture when I have done part 5.
I am also still plugging on with Celtic Autumn, and have started M designs 'S'.
I have been swimming this week, and done some gym work. I also plan to do a 6.5 mile walk on Monday weather permitting. I still aren't seeing much signs of any weight loss, but at least I'm keeping fit and healthy, and I seem to be developing a seasoned walker's leg!