Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Weekly/Monthly round-up...
First of all, get out the streamers, start playing the happy music, because...
has the all clear
We got back from the vets an hour ago, and she told me that she couldn't feel anything, no lump, nothing. I explained that after the last visit, bun had 'been to the loo' and done quite a few droppings, so the vet thinks this is what the other vet could feel in her intestine. She asked if there has been any bleeding/discharge and there hasn't been so everything will be fine. Oh and God...if you are reading...THANK YOU! the round up...
My august Goals were:
Finish Octagonal Border on Alpine
Finish Perfect Pets
Start M Designs letter D and I am approx just over halfway through it.
Finish decorating the hallway I had just enough paint too thanks to having a tester pot as well as the main tin!
Paint the front of the house Had my Aunt F not died, I prolly would have achieved this too, but I was in no mood to do anything for a week following her death, so the hallway had to get priority.
Sort out the front garden As above.
Complete three walks I went to Nidderdale( 8.25 miles), Wetherby (5.5 miles) and Denby Dale (4.5 miles).
Go swimming at least twice Not even once!
Go to the gym at least twice Nope, I went once, but then I have also been out on my bike twice, once for approx 17 miles and the other approx 9 miles. Also I have walked a fair bit at work so I think I can excuse myself for the swimming!
So that's it for now...I'll put up some new goals for tomorrow for September. Thanks for reading...