Sunday, October 09, 2005

I'm back...
...complete with a souvenir I hadn't planned on!

Click for bigger pic!

Thankfully, I injured it at the end of the 5th day of a 7 day trip and DBF and I had managed to do four hill walks prior to the event! I can't even say that I did it whilst on one of the hilltops...I did it playing squash, on the day we had set free from walking to give our feet a rest
I went to play the 'winning' shot for the set, and my foot stuck to the floor, bent over one way, then back the opposite way making a very good 'snapping' sound
Thankfully, the hospital was next to the Asda in Kendal, the only part of Kendal we know! The staff were very nice, even when explaining that I have snapped the ligament on the top part of my foot, which has unfortunately pulled off a tiny piece of bone, off the bone that particular ligament is attached to. Nice!
So I am now in pot for the first time in my life, and am hopping about like a which is hilarious when you see that I live in a three storey terrace with no downstairs loo!
I am off to the fracture clinic tomorrow morning at my local hospital, to see what the long term plan and diagnosis is. It could mean surgery, it could mean more plaster...either way I think I will have to ditch some of my monthly goals, but maybe able to complete the stitching ones