Thursday, October 13, 2005

Some stitching and knitting plans...
OK so I have some time on my least three weeks to be precise as that is how long I have the new cast on my foot for.
I am not grumbling or whinging too much tho as it could be worse, and there are many people out there who have more than a foot in pot to contend with. As I see happened for a reason. His Nibs had a plan and even tho I don't know what that is/was...I am sure it was all meant to happen!
So, as I said before I rabbitted on...I have some stitching and knitting plans.
I am giving myself this week to keep working on my new WIP. An
Olde World Map from the Janlynn Platinum Collection.
Here is my progress so far.

click for bigger pic!

I am really enjoying stitching it. It is usually my project at DBFs as that's where it will end up, but I took it on my hols and got slightly addicted to it
Then comes my list of gifts to do!
I have bought a pattern for some ponchos to knit in three different colours for my friend's girls for Christmas. The yarn is similar to Wendy shimmer, but it is called Needles and can be found
I have the wine/pink, the pink multi and the kingfisher blues. They are all adorable!
I also want to knit a cabled poncho for my friend's niece with matching beret, so will have to get a move on.
I also have a cross stitch planned for someone but they could well be I have to keep that underwraps for now.
As you can see, I will be fairly busy and hopefully will achieve this all by Christmas.
So that's it for now...I will post progress pics...