Sunday, October 23, 2005

It's the weekend...what did you do?
I 've had an up and down weekend. I do not make a good patient. I like to do things my own way, when I want to and how I want to. This means that I aren't very good at either asking for help when I need it, or accepting help when it's offered. Result? I do it all myself and get frustrated about everything!
I've mentioned before that I am a bit of a control freak, well ok...a lot of a control freak. So that's why I find myself getting A) paranoid about how clean my house is and B) getting paranoid about how clean I am.
On reflection, it's probably something else that is manifesting in that blob called the brain, inside my rather thick skull, it just comes out as paranoia about cleanliness.
I am sure there are many people who can attest to the fact that my house is clean and tidy, yet I still found myself balancing on my hall stairs with the vac yesterday morning! Thankfully it has a long reach hose so got most of them done from the bottom step...the landing will just have to wait.
Then there's the bathroom, it's had more anti-bacterial spray sprayed in it since I hurt my foot that I am sure Dettol are gonna ask me to buy shares in their company
It's the same with the kitchen...if something stays static for more than 30secs it gets sprayed, not once, not twice, but three times for good measure. Maybe that's why bunny is always zooming around in there, she's worried she'll get sprayed if she stops in the kitchen part of the lounge/kitchen!
Then there was the washing, which will result in ironing, which I cannot leave to fester in the cupboard even tho I won't be using that particular set of bedding for another month.
You see, I know that these things aren't important, and I am actually resting my leg as the docs have said. I am just choosing to do the weight bearing practice whilst doing chores
So that was the upside of the weekend...the downside is that I get lonely very quickly. I am not a big social , and am really a home bird at heart, but I miss work, I miss the chat with my colleagues, I miss the banter, the jokes, the laughing at some of the idiots that I deal with. Bunny does her best but, like Gromit, she never talks back.
My sanity was saved on Thursday night when two stitchy/knitty friends visited and we had a great evening...thanks Karoline and Little Rach! Other than that my DBF has been doing a sterling job laughing at me when I can't get upstairs properly, or get my shoe on, or fall over the door least I have that to cheer me up!
Hope your weekend was more tantalising than mine...but as always...there's always someone in a worse state so, excuse the rabbitting on...