Friday, January 20, 2006

Four Things You Love Meme...
Kitty tagged me with this so here goes...

Four Things You Love About Spring
1. Seeing flowers start to come into flower
2. Crisp sunny days, with blue cloudless skys.
3. The fact that the daylight is starting to get longer
4. The fact that you can sometimes dry your clothes outside on the line.

Four Things You Love About Summer
1. Blue skies and nice warm sun.
2. Being able to go out for long rides on my bike even late on in the evening.
3. Being able to wear my big platform soled sandals
4. The even longer daylight hours

Four Things You Love About Autumn
1. Seeing all the leaves change colour
2. Sunny days with pinky tinges to the sky
3. Holidays and going out for walks
4. The fact that the lawn doesn't need to be cut as often!

Four Things You Love about Winter
1. The possibility of snow
2. Cold, fresh and brisk sunny days.
3. My central heating.
4. My birthday is in Winter.

Four U.S. Cities that You’d Visit in a Heartbeat
1. Boston
2. Chicago
3. Seattle
4. San Francisco

Four Funniest Movies (in no partic. order)
1. About a Boy
2. Carry on Cruising
3. Austin Powers International Man of Mystery
4. Best in Show

Four Tear-Jerkers (in no partic. order)
1. Stepmom
2. Bambi
3. Lassie
4. Somewhere in Time

Four Most Romantic Songs
Hmmm...well I actually don't think of any song as being romantic...just not an emotion I have about music!

Four Songs That Make You Happy
1. You are the One by a-ha
2. Love at First Sight by Kylie
3. Hand on your Heart by Kylie
4. The Ketchup Song by Las Ketchup!

Four Favorite Singers/Groups (in no order)
1. a-ha
2. Madonna
3. Kylie
4. Rick Astley

Four All-Time Favorite TV Shows
1. Thw X-Files
2. 24
3. Charmed
4. Smallville

Four Things You Love About Where You Live
1. The closeness to the canal and river
2. My neighbours
3. The piece and quiet
4. The many fileds and tracks to go out on my bike on.

Four Things You Don't Like About Where You Live
1. The wind
2. The wind
3. The wind
4. The wind

Four Favorite Meals
1. Mashed potatoes, spouts, peas and onion gravy
2. Jacket potato with sour cream or creme freche
3. Ceasar Salad
4. Crunchy nut cornflakes