Friday, January 20, 2006

A Small knitting HD...
A friend/colleague from my team at work was diagnosed with breast cancer in November. She is only 28.
Well she has started chemo this week so I have told her that I will knit her some caps. This is the first one modelled by me some minutes ago, not my friend!

I have knit a slightly bigger size for her since I think she will be able to wear this after the first few sessions of chemo when her hair is thinning and not yet lost. I thought it might be a good prep stage as I think this particular pattern is quite trendy! In fact I'm considering knitting myself one.
It is pattern #14 form
It is knitted using a 100% acrylic yarn since I have read that wool based yarns can be itchy.
I will be knitting #12 in a purple chenille next.