Sunday, February 19, 2006

My name is Scully and I am a Telly Addict...'s official...I love my TV. I adore my Sky+ Box...they are an integral part of my life. I share this addiction with my DBF and to a lesser extent with my friend.
I am off away to the Lakes again for a few days tomorrow, with DBF. We have chosen a place that has Sky TV installed
We aim to be out for most of the day walking, well as long as my dodgy foot will allow me, but can't face the prospect of having to live with 'normal' tv on an evening when we are relaxing our aching legs.
We both watch Sky News and miss it dreadfully when we are on holiday. We both have separate Sky+ boxes (since we have separate houses) but have decided that when we move in together within the next year, we will still have our own Sky+ boxes. We like to tape different things, you see.
My friend will be looking after my house whilst I'm away, and of course my darling bunny. I think he rather likes it when I am on my hols, since he gets control of my Sky...he still lives at home...
So what's on my planner?
Sundays: Invasion (E4) 24 Series 5(Skyone) and any other good show that the BBC usually have on on Sunday evenings. Last few weeks it was The Virgin Queen.
Mondays: Life on Mars (BBC1)Balderdash and Piffle(BBC2)Smallville (E4)CSI:Miami (Living Tv)
Tuesdays: CSI: Vegas (Channel 5) Battlestar Gallactica (Skyone) Medium (BBC1)
Wednesdays: Relocation,Relocation (Channel 4)Desperate Housewives(E4)
Thursdays: Charmed (Living Tv) Super Vets (BBC1) Cold Case(Skyone) Bones(Skyone) ER(E4)
Fridays: are actually free although I did have Threshold on when that was running
Saturdays: Harry Hill's TV Burp (ITV1) CSI:NY(Channel 5)
This is not an exhaustive list...if there's something else that's on around all these programmes then I watch it. I guess I have to justify the £42.50 I spend each month...