Sunday, April 02, 2006

April is upon us...
...and true to form, the good ol' UK is wet and windy!
Well it's a while since I set some monthly goals, so I thought it would be a good way to shake off the wintery cobwebs and make some plans.
Here goes...

I'd like to start and finish my April flip-it, start TW's Treetops Sampler(c) and stitch a large chunk on Mira's Stargazer (c) I will maybe post an updated WIP pic of this in a few days.
I'd like to be back at work proper by the end of the month. I have another week's worth of intensive physio coming up this month and I really hope I can get back out and about after that.
I'd like to go on a few walks if the weather holds off, and also maybe to go to the gym once this month. It all depends on my foot really.
I've decided to use this icon for jobs around the home, because that's how they usually make me feel! I want to have stained the front garden fence and my garage doors by the end of the month. If I can squeeze in painting part of the kitchen wall and the coving in the back room I'd be more than happy!
I'd also like to be able to keep up with my work on my Open University course. I managed to get 92% on my first assignment so I guess the daily studying is working somewhat.

I was thinking about posting about the 101 things to do in 1001 days but I really don't know if I have 101 things I want/need to do. I might think of 51 to do in 501 days instead

As for the Queen of Gorgeousness...well she still isn't eating her hay properly. she's snacking on maybe five pieces on a night if she can be bothered. Absolutely wolfing everything else down and jumping on my knee and/or the keyboard if she smells anything remotely like a biscuit...she is still behaving as she usually does and does not seem at all ill so I am really stumped. I'll be calling the vets tomorrow for some more advice.
That's all for now...