Saturday, April 22, 2006

One to go...
I saw this pattern on Knitty and felt compelled to knit them!
So...I have finished my first sock. It was knitted using some 4ply yarn from my stash, that I don't know the name of since it is well over 10 years old!!!! It is not clear from the pics, but there is a silver thread running through it too.
I am reaaly pleased with the result, esp my grafting since it's the first time I've knit a sock and finished it.
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This is it being worn by yours truly with a very interested bunny looking on!
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This is it off the foot doing a good impression of a boot!!
I will not be knitting the second one for a while as I have some stitching to do and to be honest, working with dpns causes a lot of pain in my neck and shoulder, so the rest will do it good.
I do see more of them in my future tho, some for me and some for pressies...