Thursday, May 04, 2006

A recap and some new goals...
Last Month :I'd like to start and finish my April flip-it, start TW's Treetops Sampler(c) and stitch a large chunk on Mira's Stargazer (c)
Well I managed to finish my flip-it and it can be seen here
I also started the TW and my progress WIP looks like this Image hosted by
I also managed to stitch a decent amount on Stargazer.
This Month: I would like to continue working on Treetops, stitch 10 hrs on Stargazer, stitch the May Flip-it and also completed a SAL of the Just Nan March Hare Ltd edition with Michelle
Last Month:I'd like to be back at work proper by the end of the month.
Not happened since my bosses won't let me yet...
This Month:I'd like to be back at work proper by the end of the month!!!!

Last Month:I'd like to go on a few walks if the weather holds off, and also maybe to go to the gym once this month.
Well I did manage to go out on three lovely walks with DBF but not the gym. However, I am going to hopefully go on either Saturday or Sunday mornings.
This Month: As per above and complete more walks and manage a weeks worth of walking in the Lakes.
Last Month: I've decided to use this icon for jobs around the home, because that's how they usually make me feel! I want to have stained the front garden fence and my garage doors by the end of the month. If I can squeeze in painting part of the kitchen wall and the coving in the back room I'd be more than happy!
Well I did stain both the garage doors and the fence and I also managed to paint the kitchen wall so I was pleased.
This Month:Paint both doorteps and stain all the wooden bits in my bathroom. I would also like to dig over the soil in the front garden in preparation for putting down some gravel.
This Month As for last month...keep up with the studying and obtain a good result in my assignment that is due on 16th. I also want to attend a tutorial and a Java Script day school.