Monday, May 01, 2006

All Rise Loyal Subjects...
...The Queen of Gorgeousness is in residence! And like any self respecting Queen, I have my own Castle which you can see below.
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My Hooman bought me it for my ahem...6th birthday. I heard her say that she can't believe I've been around that long and will probably 'live on to haunt her', whatever that means, but I think really she loves me to bits and thinks, quite rightly, that I am the cuteist bunny in the land.
Like a true Queen, I have two birthdays. Today is my official 'being born' birthday and the second one is 1st July because that's when my Hooman brought me home.
At this point I will point out that I am now eating my hay and my forage grass quite happily. My Hooman finally figured out that I was fed up with eating it out of my larger cage, and that in fact I wanted to eat it out of my smaller cage instead. Once she figured that out and moved it, I started eating it. I'm afraid she isn't as clever as I'd like her to be and it did take quite a while for her to catch on.
Well, I guess I must go and look beautiful somewhere and eat the scrummy broccoli, carrot and celery dish I got presented with.
Oh and my Hooman says to tell you thanks for all the nice comments on her last post, she really appreciates the kind thoughts. So do I, 'cos it's usually me who has to listen to it all and there's only so much a Beauty Queen can take....