Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A New Year and New Stitching Goals...
I have finished my Lizzie*Kate afghan (well the stitching part anyway, not the actual finishing)
I have also made in roads into my Bunny Aphabet heart sampler and it should be finished by the end of the month. I am thinking of finishing it as a large heart shaped pillow, but my finishing skills lack to some tune, so when it will get done I have no idea!

So my stitching plans for 2007 are simple. Well my first and foremost is to enjoy stitching!
I would like to finish my Flip-it afghan into something that bears resemblance to an afghan/blanket.
I would also like to stitch at least 6 of my Lavender Wings charts, finish Petal Fairy, TW MM and make a wedding sampler for DBF and I, but that's a LW design so maybe I can count that as one of the 6!
I would aslo like to use more of my SMF's and start either some Miras or a Woodland Scene that I have.
In between I'd like to knit myself some socks.
So far I am on with the socks and am knitting a pair in
Opal Owl It is looking lovely so far.

I have just placed an order for
Shepherd's Bush Love Letters kit
I have liked this for a long while and will no doubt want to stitch it as soon as it arrives!
I have also ordered
Mirabilia's Royal Holiday and the beads and speciality threads to go woth her. I think she would be a nice addition to the Christmas Trimmings in future years.

I have a busy year ahead of house is sold and a move to DBF's imminent, and as of yesterday it is 17 weeks to my wedding...