Saturday, December 02, 2006

What a great day!...
Yesterday was my birthday! I turned 33. It was probably one of the best birthdays I've had. I had a lie in since I wasn't working so didn't get up til 10 am. DBF had bought me some fab pressies. I love walking as most people know, and as a result I love clothes from Lowe Alpine. They sell samples in Medium and Medium fits me perfectly, so as there is a discount shop near us, we often spend quite a lot in it!
He got me a gorgeous soft fleece hoody in a really nice 'post it' yellow! It is soooooooo suggly it's gorgeous.
He also bought me a grey top that looks like Spidey should be wearing it in the Venom Saga, it will be great for the cooler evenings spent walking. He bought me some shoes from M&S that I'd had my eye on, Brief Encounter on DVD (I so love that film) and a rather splendid micro torch that will clip on my walking bag and can also be used at work.
He also paid for the meal we had with my family, his ma and pa and my best fried so he really did spoli me rotten.
I also got three more tops/t-shirts from Lowe Alpine from his parents, one from his kids ( I told you I loved the stuff!) and my mum got me some sock wool, some dpns and a wonderful Cadbury's advent Calendar.
The great thing about having your birthday on 1st December is that you always get first dibs on the chocolate advent calendars
All in all it was a great day.
So...onto today...I go on holiday
The weather forecast is horrible for the week in that rain, rain , rain and more rain is predicted which is a shame, but at the end of the day, I'll be with DBF a full week in a 5 star cottage in Grasmere!
The only bad thing about going on holiday is that I can't take with me and I miss her terribly. She has turned on the 'oh I'm so cute you really don't want to leave me for a week' face already and my heartstring is already being tugged!
I know she is in good hands though and the best thing about having a friend who still lives at home, is that he is more than willing to spend time at my place looking after both it and the bun whislt I am away.
So no doubt I will see y'all when I get back...