Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Today I had a Plan....
I like plans...plans are good...well as long as they work that is. I find that I have to plan my time a lot more these days than I used to. This is mainly due to the fact that a new boss changed the shifts I work back in March.
I had worked the shifts for six years and they were great, easy to follow and repetitive. I worked two days, then four afternoons/half nights then four days off. Having those four days off was great. DH followed the same pattern just with different people and we always had two days off together. I got alsorts done on my four days off. I was able to visit friends and family, go shopping if I needed to and had ample time to fit in all my hobbies which include walking. Usually without fail, unless the weather was truly abysmal or one of us were ill, DH and I went out for a walk every set of days off.
Like I said, that all changed in March. I now get two or three days off, mainly two. Sometimes the first day off is wasted because I finish at 5am that morning. DH and I don't always get a day off together. We are lucky to get two days off together twice in 10 weeks so our walks have suffered.
So today, I decided to formulate a plan that would allow me to spend a bit of time on every hobby I have except walking with DH as he was at work.
My plan to get up early had failed yesterday as I overslept by three hours!. That was due mainly to the fact that I had gone to bed three hours later than I had planned. See what I mean about plans only being good if they work .
Today, I got up as planned and made an appointment with the Docs, so task #1 completed.
I then had breakfast which consisted of some bran flakes, a slice of multi seed toast and some strawberries and blueberries. Today was already a good day!
I then read a couple of chapters of my latest read..Addition by Toni Jordan. I am really enjoying this and will be finished by the end of the month.
Then I finished stitching the first part of one of my latest projects...Holly the Lizzie*Kate Flip-it

I will leave the next bit, 'Stocking' for a SAL this weekend with Michelle
I am really looking forward to my trip down to see her.
After my mini HD, I did the washing and dried it all before moving onto starting Celtic Winter. Whilst stitching on both pieces I caught up with some Sky+'d TV, namely Smallville and The Ghost Whisperer. As I was a good day!
I didn't do much on CW and then had lunch...a very nice wholemeal pitta filled with reduced fat humous, lettuce, spring onion and green pepper. I finished with a lovely fruit yoghurt.
Then I sorted out the washing and had a little more time on CW before I put on my running shoes and went for a 2 mile run. Not my fastest time, 17min 26sec, but quicker than when I last did it a few weeks ago. I still have headaches and a dodgy eye since banging my head three weeks ago, and it was also quite breezy out. I finished of the training by doing the floorwork from Peak Energy.
I treated myself to a nice shower and pamper session applying various lotions and potions and then made tea, a lovely mini pizza consisting of an English Toasting Muffin with pesto, passata and reduced fat Mozarrella accompanied by a mixed bean salad. I am really trying to stick to my diet/healthy eating plan.
I caught up with the local and national news and then had a half hour knitting some socks. They are Monkey and are knit with Regia Canadian Sock wool 'Manitoba'.
My next plan was then to be on the web posting this by 8pm, which I also managed to do!'s 20:54....what next? Well I plan to have a little supper (did I mention I eat ALL the time on this diet!), go get the Queen of G in from the garden as it's pitch black outside, browse some sites, chat to a friend and retire to bed to read a couple more chapters before getting up for work at the ungodly hour of 4.30am. I do love it when a plan comes together.....