Saturday, September 06, 2008

Arise Loyal Subjects.... has been a while since I last spoke with you all. What a busy time I have had since I last updated you on the delights of my life.
Where shall I begin? Oh of course...back in February last year. That is when Hooman decided that we were going to leave our lovely house and move to another one. I did wonder where we were going, but when we got there I did recognise it. I had been there before for a few days once. It belonged to another Hooman, but he was a boy who I know my Hooman called 'Sweetie'.
So, I got a new room, but it was upstairs and I couldn't get out in to the garden from there. I know Hooman was upset about this, but she did try and make up for it by coming up and sitting in the room with me whilst she watched the TV. I heard her saying something about me making Sweetie sneeze all the time and that's why I had to stay upstairs.
Sometimes when the sun came in through the window, Hooman would pick me up and put me in what I can only describe as a straight jacket! It was a bit bright but it did allow me to go play on the grass, so I put up with it.
You can see me modelling it here...

When I went outside, there was a strange looking creature next door called Harvey. He looked like an Ewok! He always used to bark when he saw me and tried to get under the fence, so I used to run up to it and then run away!
We hadn't been at Sweetie's long before I went on a holiday. We went somewhere that had big hills and lots of water. Hooman wore a very pretty purple dress one day and she told me that she had married Sweetie. 'Well' I thought...what a turn up for the books. I did wonder if Hooman would not want me anymore, but it seemed that she did, and gave me even more treats than she usually did. I like being married!
That was in May last year and then in July, we moved again. I didn't know this new house, but we all went together so it seemed nice. And then I saw was sooooooooooo big and green and full of fabulous hiding places. Hooman told me it was her dream for me to have a lovely garden one day and when she put me down onto the grass she told me that she hoped I'd like it.
Like it? last she had finally brought me to a place that befit me and my gorgeousness. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, but it was really real.
I settled into this place easily....I really loved it. As well as my garden, I was also allowed to live in the smaller living room downstairs. It was great as it has big doors that open into the garden. I decided that since we were a family now, I would call Hooman and Sweetie my Petmum and Petdad.
Petdad got used to me and he doesn't sneeze so much now. I can even jump onto his lap and try and pinch his chocolate and all he does is laugh.
He also spoils me rotten when Petmum isn't there but I keep that a secret!
In March this year, Petmum had to go to hospital and came back with a funny shoe thing on her foot. She stopped going out during the day and we stayed in all the time. I liked it because I got lots of fusses and head rubs and I could play in the garden for nearly the whole day as long as it didn't rain. Then, she took the shoe off and started to go out again, so I had to go back to staying in my cage sometimes. I still didn't mind it that much, I'm getting on a bit and playing all day is tiring.
So, here we are in September, and I have had four holidays since we moved here...always to the hilly place, bu I don't mind. Petmum has told me that I have got three more booked so I look forward to those.
I am a happy bunny really...I have seen on the TV and in some magazines that not all bunnies live in such a big room. And as much as I love my garden, I wouldn't want to live outside all the time especially in the cold.
Last week, Petmum went away for a night. Petdad said she was off gallivanting with her 'stitchy' friends, but I don't know what that means. I didn't mind though, because Petdad did give me a lot of treats...even a bit of crust from his custard tart. He knows just how much I love those. Mind you, when Petmum got back, I pretended that he hadn't fed me for two days, so she gave me a bit of another favourite of mine, a Parsley Bell.
All in all, life is good at Bunningham Palace apart from the fact that it has been raining for a long time now and I haven't been able to play out for much longer than 20
minutes. Oh well...never mind...
I will leave you with a picture of me enjoying some sun from earlier this year. I am watching over my realm whilst I am resting....You may now arise...I will update you again later...