Monday, September 29, 2008

All Hail the Queen of Gorgeousness....
Hello you folks...Scully's petmum signing in. Today the Queen relinquished her reign and passed away peacefully whilst I rubbed her nose and held her front paw.
On Friday 12th September, after bounding on the sofa begging for treats, Scully jumped back off and surprised us all, including herself, by leaving a pool of blood on the carpet.
Now, as a responsible Petmum, I already knew what this meant as I have always read up on bunny illnesses and I didn't need a vet to tell me she had cancer.
She was fine for the rest of the night and when I took her to the vets the next day they told me they could feel a lump in her uterus, the size of a walnut, which in bunny terms, is big.
The decision was made to bring her back home and re assess her on the following Wednesday as she was still very chipper and her usual pesky self!
The photos I will post below were taken the Tuesday before her op.
She had the tumour removed on the Wednesday but it was confirmed that it had spread so nothing could be done. However, as she was otherwise healthy, she was brought round after the op and was allowed to come home the following day.
Apart from falling out with her Petmum for a while, she seemed fine and was back to begging for treats in no time. She didn't like the fact that I had to give her medicine in a syringe, but other than that we were friends again.
I came home from work last Monday at 00:45 and I let her out of her hutch whilst I watched tv for an hour...she was fine. However when I got back up at 10am she was breathing funnily and I recognised that she had caught a cold, Snuffles, which isn't as cute as it sounds....
She seemed to be ok apart from that and was still eating and wanting to play out in her beloved garden, and when she had a check up on Monday, the vet wasn't overly concerned.
However, by Saturday, her cold had gotten worse and I could see that she wasn't herself. She wasn't eating her favourite foods, although she never turned away a choc chip biscuit, even up til the end!
Unfortunately I have been nights all week so her Petdad has stepped up and been the best Petdad he could to look after her overnight. The decision was made to let her play out for as long as she wanted.
The last two days, she changed dramatically and I knew I had to do something about it. She had a check up planned today, and I knew in my heart that the kindest thing to do was put her to sleep.
So, I got up early and took her outside where thankfully it was a beautiful morning despite the forecasted showers (Thank you God) and I let her sit out for an hour and then sat her under her favourite tree and had one last chat. I told her I loved her and that I was going to help her and that I would, amongst many other loyal fans, miss her terribly.
So at 10:50am, I took her to the vets, where we saw the vet who had given her back to me after the op. She took one look at her and heard her little squeaky breaths and told me she had pneumonia. She did say that they could try and treat it, but I didn't want my beautiful creature to suffer anymore so I asked her to put her to sleep.
Now normally, Scully doesn't want to know me at the vets 'cos she didn't like being there, but today she licked my hand and I am sure she was saying 'Thank you'.
At around 11am, as she laid in her pet carrier on her comfy cushion with her favourite toy next to her, I held her front paw which she had put out in front of her and I watched as she stopped suffering. A bittersweet moment as bunnies don't shut their eyes. I saw her perfect little nose stop twitching and I knew her time on this earth was over and that a piece of my heart was broken forever.
So, please join me in seeing these lovely photos where she is truly happy.

I absolutely adore the last one...she was sniffing for peanuts...the forbidden treat for bunnies.
And whilst I am sad, well devasted to be truthful, I also feel relieved that she is now at peace, and she did look peaceful. Some of her ashes will be scattered under the tree in the pics, some planted in a pot with a boxus hedge in (she obliterated the ones in the garden so we thought that fitting!) and a little bit in Moss Eccles Tarn in the Lake District which was Beatrix Potter's and where she was inspired to write her books. It also happens to be my favourite place up there.
My memories will be fond, and I'd like to end this with a quote from Alfred Lord Tennyson-In Memorium;1850

I hold it true, whate'er befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all'

Farewell my Queen and R.I.P.......