Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Pram Buddies and Chocolate Caramel Shortbred....

What more does a girl need in life?
Remember my Mint Choc Chip Ishbel Shawl? Well I had some yarn left over and I thought I'd make some little pram buddies for my friend's newborn daughter.
So, without further ado, introducing from left to right....The Sockyarn Buddies©

Pepper, Coco and Minty.
The patterns used can be found in Jean Greenhowe's Knitted Animals Leaflet.
Originally the patterns use DK yarn, but all I did was change the needle size to a sock yarn size and I adapted the patterns to be knit in the round. They are seriously cute in real life if I say so myself and I had trouble parting with them today when I gave them to baby Annabella!

Last Thursday saw me attend my first knit night at Baa Ram Ewe It's a bit of a way to travel but I really enjoyed myself and met some really nice people. I am going again tomorrow night which brings me onto the shortbred mentioned above...
I have recently found a wonderful blog, namely Attic24. Lucy takes some STUNNING photographs and her crochet and other craftwork is no less amazing either. I find her blog a real inspiration and generally a great 'cheerer upper!'.
Well....Lucy posted some pictures of some gorgeous shortbred that she had made and generously posted the recipe. Now hear this...I am no baker, can I tell you that, but I thought I'd have a go yesterday in order that I can take some to knit night.
This is the result...

All I can say is mmmmmmmmmmmmm and . They taste seriously good...and all who have tasted them so far have asked for seconds!!! The caramel is divine. They are laden with calories, but I don't care!!! Batch two are being made tomorrow so that I can feed my work colleagues on Friday night, so if you fancy having a go, head over to Lucy's blog, pull up a chair and have a and prepare to be inspired.

In other knitting news, I have started a pair of Zigzag Anklets from Knitted Socks from Hand Painted Yarn This is a great book and I have already knit a pair of socks from it and have many more I want to knit. I am using a Merino/Tencel blend yarn from The Knitting Goddess in a sock club colour called Snail Corner.

This yarn is so soft it's beautiful. They are knitting up really well and will be a lovely light sock to be worn on warmer days. It is part of the August KAL in the UK sock knitters group on Ravelry.
That's it for now folks...I have more to share but it will keep until another day. Till then, take care and as ever feel free to Rabbit On....