Friday, March 04, 2011

D is for Diamonds and Cables....
My D socks are done and at last I have some purple socks!!!! I adore purple and have lots of purpley things but not some handknitted socks....until now.

These are Diamonds and Cables by Wendy D Johnson and are from the rather lovely Toe-Up Socks for Every Body: Adventurous Lace, Cables, and Colorwork from Wendy Knits.
This book has a number of patterns in it that I want to knit and although this pattern didn't immediately scream out at me, when I got the yarn, I knew they were meant for each other.
The yarn in my Knitting Goddess Birthstone sockclub yarn in the colourway Amethyst in the merino/bamboo mix.
I am really pleased that I am keeping up with this knit-a-long as I didn't think I'd be able to...26 pairs of socks in a year is a big challenge!
I have now cast on my E socks in a lovely cashmere mix yarn and will post my HD when they are done, hopefully in another week or so.
I have also cast on a shawl for my mum's cousin's is a mixture of two shawls and again I'll update when I finish it which will be in a few days if all goes to plan.

I had a rather lovely day out in Ilkley on Monday. I took a Knit up your Stash course at the rather wonderful Create This is one of my favourite yarn shops. The staff are soooooooooo nice and helpful and very friendly, it's just such as shame that it's a 90 mile round trip for me or I would be in there more often!
The course was run by the equally fab Debbie Abrahams. To be honest, I didn't really need to go....despite having a rather large stash, it isn't made up of odd balls of yarn, it is made up of garment quantities or of sock yarns. However, I love attending Debbie's classes and I did have left overs from my mystery blanket from last year and wanted to use them for a cushion cover. I could have done this at home without any help, but by going to the course it made me start it and because I keep feeling a bit run down lately, it was just great to have an easy day out spent knitting with a group of nice people in a lovely setting....'nuff said.
I have booked to go on another course in July, one that involves knitting a little beaded project, again something I don't need as I can use beads in knitting quite easily, but it will be another great day out for me and as it's in Ilkley, I can visit the shop at Betty's again!

I bought some lovely Sublime Soya cotton yarn in some neutral colours and will knit mum a cushion cover for Mother's Day, so I had a little s.e.x too.....bonus.....

I've just come back from an hour's walk in the late evening Winter is quite cool out there but I love walking in weather like that as you get that wonderful 'rosy cheeks' glow....

I hope everyone had a great weekend and managed some knitting/stitching or both, take care and feel free to Rabbit On....