Saturday, May 08, 2004

Here comes the rain again.....

I hate rain, it is miserable at best and downright soul destroying at it's worst. What happened to the blue skies? I don't care if it's not 85F just as long as it's sunny.
To change topic and go off at a tangent..DBf and I were dicussing stuff the other day when I mentioned what I wanted on my gravestone as my epitaph!! Morbid conversation I know but I was eating an ice cream sundae at the time and it made me think of the words I wanted. I'd decided on 'It's never too cold for ice cream' but then when discussing this with a friend on msn, I typed a response to something as 'I didn't involved ice cream' and she thought that this was a better I think I might go with that as it's past tense and seems quite appropriate! Thanks Michelle!
So it's rather fitting that I end this topic with this quiz
You are rainbow sherbet! A mix of things you are
always trying something new. Outgoing you know
when to keep your mouth shut. You are tons of
fun and there is not anything you wouldn't try!

What ice cream flavour are you? (Now results will come with picture!)
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Funny..I was mint choc chip two days ago.......