Monday, May 10, 2004

Stitcher's Five, Beads

1. Which type of beads do you prefer Mill Hill, Delica or other brand?
Well I only started to use Delica when I joined the Christmas Mystery and I prefer them to Mill Hill.
2. Why?
I think they are nicer to the touch, and I prefer that they are perfectly cylindrical as opposed to odd shaped like you sometimes get with Mill Hill.
3. What do you use to stitch beads on with?
I use one strand of floss that mached the fabric. I use varigated with some of the bolder hand dyed fabrics
4. When to you go or at the end?
I bead as I go because I stitch in hand. If I waited til the end to bead, I would have a lot of UFO's. Beading as I go keeps up the enjoyment factor
5. Do you bead only with cross stitch or do you use them on their own?
I only use beads when cross stitching

Messing about with HTML

I have learnt some new tricks today, how to enter a horizontal line, how to make my links appear in new windows and how to make something look like it's written ( or typed) with a type writer
Who know's given time maybe I can learn how to create my own template so that I can have my furbaby at the bottom..or how to write things in invisble ink........