Thursday, August 11, 2005

A sad day today...
My Great-Aunt died this morning She was 86 and to be honest it wasn't a shock. She has been in a nursing home since September last year following a problem with her leg and when she had to leave home she sort of gave up. However, it still doesn't make it any less sad...I loved her dearly, she was more like my Nana than my aunty esp since my Nana wasn't worth writing about.
Aunty F was such an intelligent, interesting and inspiring woman, I loved to chat to her, as did my mum, stepdad and younger bro. She will be desperately missed.
But...we must not be selfish, she was widowed over 10yrs ago so at least now she can be happy with Uncle T. To be honest, she was never happy in the home, not because it was a nice one, it was lovely, but because she was a proud woman and didn't want to be 'looked after'. So in that respect I am happy for her, she is now where she wanted to be.
I went to see her on Sunday, but she was asleep, so I left her in peace...I am just sooooooo glad I went that day....
Love and God Bless Aunt F, you will be missed.