Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It's been a while...
I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately (Heather thanks for asking how I am ) I have been a bit busy lately.
I have managed to get back at it, no more foot worries for now, thanks goodness. It's been a busy few weeks due mainly to the weather and the World Cup. But it's great to be back.
I have been to a GTG at Karoline's House which was great and I met up with lots of my stitching friends. This weekend we are off to Kate's House so I am looking forward to that too.
I have finished my June Flip-it which can be seen below.

Image hosted by and also all the first six months. Image hosted by
I've also completed three of the panels on Treetops Sampler and am now a third way through the fourth.
Image hosted by
She is as gorgeous as ever and whilst still not eating her hay, has taken to eating her forage again this week, has ripped my new rug (replaced because she ripped the last one) but she is too fluffy and cute for me to get mad. I miss her now I am at work more and at DF's more.
A main reason I have been busy is because I have decided to move in with DF. He's OK with it too, it's not just my decision! So all this means that I have to get my house ready for sale. It needs a small amount doing, mainly decoration to neutralise and freshen up, but it's been so darned hot here, I haven't been able to do it. I have sorted out a plasterer for the attic walls, bought some varnish for the bathroom and kitchen and now need to get wallpaper for one of the walls in my bedroom and a lot of Natural Hessian paint! Then there's the garden....
My studyng has taken a lot of time up too. The programming part of the course has had me stumped, but I finally had a Eureka! momnet this week so it has eased my mind a lot.
And finally...
You may have noticed that DBF has turned into DF. This is also down to another thing that has been kepping me busy. We have decided to get married next May. We are hoping to have either moved into our new home by then or indeed be nearly ready to. So, I guess we are sort of engaged, except I don't want a ring. I worked in a jeweller's so know what a rip off the prices are, also I wouldn't wear it at work and would prolly forget to put it back on when not at work. I've worn an eternity ring for the last three years so what's the point huh?
In the last two weeks I have organised everything, all venues, the cake, the cake topper, the deposits are paid, I know where I am (hopefully) getting my dress from and have sent out informal invites this week. I will be making the formal ones myself as well as the table plan and place settings and have sent off for the trimmings for those.
So where is it to be? It's at Langdale Chase Hotel in the Small Baronial Hall which is the one pictured here
Then onto a boat for a 1hr Lake Cruise on Windermere and then onto here for the evening reception.
it all goes well. Otherwise I'll be throwing a
So that's it for now folks...