Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Few Updates...
Sorry guys for the delay between posts. but I have been really busy preparing my house for sale.
After 7 years living in my first owned home, I have decided to up and leave and move in with DBF.
So, it's going up for sale on Monday, and whilst I am sad, nervous and worried that we are going to be cramped in his house, I know it's all for the best and hopefully not for long since we plan to buy a new house together next year. I am hoping for a quick sale and for the asking price, which thankfully the estate agents did value it at.
So apart from painting and decorating, I have managed to finish my OU studies.
I am just waiting for the Computer Marked Assignment result, but have all my Tutor marked assignments. I got 92%, 93%, 98%, 88% and 85% for the five assignments. I am really pleased with these results since it is a long time since I studied and it was nice to get the old grey matter working again.
Walks wise, I have been to a village called Thixendale in the Yorkshire Wolds, Alcock Tarn and Butter Crags at Grasmere, James Herriot country at Thirsk and a couple of local walks. I am really looking forward to going back to the Lakes in December and already have six walks planned for the week!
Stitching wise I have been busy too. I have finished Stargazer and will post a pic when I have her framed. I have also had my treetops framed as well as two other pieces and I have just finished the September flip-it. I have also started Anangram Diffusions Couer Sampler Rouge which I am actually stitching in purple!
A few pics are seen here...
Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
As for the Queen of G...she is titivating herself for the winter and shredding her coat. She actually looks more like the Queen of Scruffiness!