Sunday, November 26, 2006

Where does time go?...
I have been so busy lately due to the fact that I am selling my house in preparation to move in with DBF. What a stressful process this is. I can't quite believe that I have decided to do this twice within a 12 month period and get married somewhere in between! I guess at least it will be like I've taken several when it is all over!
This is the new image for my life at the mo! As mentioned I am dealing with the house. I have got an offer on it and I have just had the buyer's surveyor round and am waiting to hear back from them. It truly is awful, 'cos until I hear from them, I don't know if they ahve discovered anything on the survey, if so, if they are going to withdraw the offer etc... it is making me feel quite ill on a regular basis!
I am continuing with my walks and have recently been to Robin Hood's Bay and Whitby on a cold and blustery day, but it was great walking along the coastal paths at the top of the cliffs. I aren't so keen on Whitby, but I adore RHB.
You can see and read about it
It reminds me so much of Famous Five type adventures and I would have loved to have visited as a child like DBF and his family did. It really is a smuggler's paradise!
We have also been to Byland Abbey which was simply wonderful and a more localish walk in a village called Greenhow which has old disused mines there. I really love my walking and have a holiday planned to Grasmere soon. Hopefully all the windy and stormy weather currently heading for the UK will be over and done with by the time we go away.
I have an ultrasound scan on my foot on Tuesday. I really hope that it clears up the problems I am having. Currently I am n strong anti inflammatories that are doing the trick, but there is obviously still a problem there.

I have started a new WIP Image hosted by It is Just Nan's 4 Wishes. It is a tricky little piece with regards to colour changes, but it is really enjoyable to stitch.
Image hosted by My October Flip-it is done and I am already on with Novemeber.
I had my Stargazer framed and am really pleased with the result.
Image hosted by
She is currently at DBF's hung on his staircase.
I also had the Shepherd's Bush Twined Heart framed to give my Mum and step-dad on their 25th Anniversary. They really liked it.
Image hosted by Webshots.comStitching wise that's it but I have had my knitting needles out and made this little top for a friend's baby boy.

Yesterday I finished this pair of socks as a Christmas present. They are the first complete pair I have finished and will be making the little pouch that comes with them on the free pattern. Knit with Opal Elemente in shade 1079.

My darling is eating her forage roughage again so I am hoping she will not stop eating it again. It is a worry when a pet's behaviour changes, esp when they are 'knocking on a bit'. Madam is 6 which is sort of middle aged-elderly in a rabbit so I have to watch her carefully. At present she is sleeping and apparantly dreaming due to the twitching, mumbling and snoring! Bless her...