Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy, Happy Dances....
I've counted them up. Since my last stitching post in Jan 07 I've had 24 HD's. I will post pictures in groups in dribs and drabs so as not to bore folk...or maybe I'm just posting to myself...who knows!

The Mirabilias and a Celtic Lady.

Christmas Tree 2007. Stitched on a Kiwi Illusions Piece

Pixie Couture; Lily and Daisy. Stitched on SMF Gelati.

Maidens of the Seasons; Spring and Winter. I decided to leave the borders and the names off...mainly so they'd fit on 13" x 18" pieces of fabric! Stitched on SMF Snapdragon and SMF Winter Meadow.

L&L Celtic Summer. Converted to pinks from the purple Needlepaints. Stitched on SMF Tartan.
Lily was finished Sept 07, Daisy and the Xmas Tree Dec 2007, WInter Maiden Feb 08, Spring Maiden Mar 08, and Celtic Summer May 08. I have grown rather fond of a certain range of alluminium frames as you can see on the pixies and CS. I've also used them on the Maidens..a dark green for Spring and Oporto for Winter. They don't come cheap but I love them! I've already framed Celtic Spring and Celtic Autumn using them and have picked the one I want for Celtic Winter for when I start her at the end of this month/beg Sept.
Next set will be samplers of some kind....