Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am always in a Pod these days...
An i-pod that is! I was a lucky enough wife to receive an i-pod nano from my lovely DH for Christmas. It's not something I'd asked for, not something I needed or even wanted as I used my mobile for most things. However, his DBro persuaded him that I did need one and when I opened it on Christmas Day and saw that delicious purple and the slimness and slinkiness of it...I knew then I was hooked. It's sooooooooooooooooooo tactile and pretty and, as it's the 16GB version, it's got a lot going for it. It has become my new obsession...little did DH know that he would become a Pod Widow!
As I type I am downloading some more podcasts...something I have really gotten into. The one I started off with was Socks in the City I love Carrie! She has given me some good ideas about my sock knitting and thanks to her I have really renewed my interest in all things sock yarny and have since bought a few skeins as can be seen in my Ravelry stash page
Then having hear Carrie mention Lime and Violet so much, I have started to listen to them too!

It doesn't stop at podcasts tho...I have a new toy to go with my Pod...the Nike+ Sports Kit.
The observant amongst you (if you have the latest Flash player) may have seen a mini me running along in my side bar, jumping hurdles and punching some air. I kid you not, this piece of kit is A-Ma-Zing to quote Craig Revel-Horwood.
I seriously love this, it has made me want, nay need to go out running. I already had the trainers so all I do is pop in the sensor, choose my work out, stick the Pod in my arm band and away I go. I have done three runs so far, but I am slightly peeved that after a 5.3 mile run yesterday I accidentally deleted that workout before I had synced it to i-tunes, so I look like I am behind my schedule and my mini me shows me 5.3 miles less than I've done!
The Nike+ site is fab too and really motivating and I love the fact that you can have a Power Song to play when you are flagging a bit, just to give you that boost! I currently have Your Disco Needs you by Kylie Minogue...a power song if there ever was one!
So...that's the new obsession I mentioned yesterday...I am now off to listen to some more Lime and Violet...til next time feel free to Rabbit on...