Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The PLAN seems to be working...
I mentioned a few posts back that I had a plan to organise my hobbies and stash. So far so good except I have changed the weeks in the plan around to suit my needs.
Week one was implemented and as a result I did finish a knitting WIP, namely the baby cardigan I posted about. I also then picked up my Violet Green Entrelac socks that I started in October last year. I made good progress on them and then went onto week two...

Week two saw me pick up my Rabbit Run Sampler. I didn't do too bad on a week and you can see the progress to the left. During this week I worked on the bottom row of rabbits, fully completing the right hand one and the grass underneath. I have yet to do the backstitching which I dislike doing since it's an Anchor design and I hate their BS charts. Since the pic was taken I have also started on a motif of carrots on the right hand side. I think that when week two comes around again, I will be able to finish the carrots so will only have a rabbit and some cabbage to do and it will be a finish!

Week three was changed to 'Anything Goes' and I decided to pick my Entrelac socks back up and hey presto! I finished them. They are knit in Regia Canadian Color in the Ontario colourway. I love how this yarn looks on this pattern. I was left with 36g of it after finishing so will put that to some good use in a future project I am sure. I then decided to start some socks that I had seen on Ravelry, namely Nutkin. As you can see from that page I am using some of the Rico Designs Superba. This pattern is knitting up very fast and as I am knitting two at a time I am halfway through the leg on each. I have til Thursday on this week so I think I will manage to get to the heel shaping on both by then.
Week four will see me start a new cross stitch piece. I have chosen Mirabillia's Summer Maiden of the Season as I have Winter on my wall at the mo, to be replaced by Spring on 21st March, so I need to get Summer and Autumn finished this year.

As far as the plan to use all my bath stuff, that's working great as well and I have already dispensed of one of my Christmas pressies and have moved onto the next. My hands are really benefitting from using the hand cream twice a day and I am rather pleased that I am keeping up with this goal too because I am developing space in my bath cupboard!

I have also kept up with my fitness, completing a run this morning. My Mini-me shows that I have only done 4 runs but I have actually done a 2mile and a 5.15 mile run but I messed up on transferring one over and the nano messed up on the other!. I was really tired this morning and was surprised to see that I had upped my pace. I had been out walking in the Lakes this weekend so my legs were tired, but maybe not as tired as I thought!
Well, I have rabbited on again...til next time folks...take care...