Saturday, January 24, 2009

Injury = ouch = boredom = spending = ouch...
Hmmm...'The Plan' has, as they say, gone to Rat Shit! Yet AGAIN I got injured at work on Wednesday. I was partaking of a physical training exercise which resulted in two colleague's, who probably weigh a combined 25st, half trample me to the ground and body slam me against another colleagues leg, a metal fence and a very hard, solid wall!
This resulted in gasps and hysterical laughter from me, a few minutes of feeling stunned and then a mild 'asthma' moment and another trip to the local A&E. I swear I should sponsor a bed in that place...soon they won't even need to ask for my name!
Thankfully no bones were broken but I have pulled muscles from my right hand/thumb, travelling allllllllll the way up my arm, around my right shoulder and down to the right hand side of my ribs.
I was in a sling for 24hrs and was not able to do my last day of week 3...knitting on my Nutkin socks...grrrr
I was able to put a few stitches into my Summer Maiden on Thursday whilst still in a sling but my hand does keep swelling a little after a while.
The sling came off Friday and I have been able to stitch some more. Thankfully I hardly move my right hand when stitching, mainly my left so after every half hour I have a rest due to the tight feeling in my right hand.
Of course...the other plan that has temporarily put on hold and the one I'm most peeved about is my running program. As you can see from my mini-me on the left <---- I havn't been able to train and she is feeling like a couch potato. Like mini-me...I too feel that way, esp since I've been really enjoying the running ( sadistic I know) I am obviously getting fitter too as during the 'injury induced' training session, I was doing really well...double grrrrr
I've to rest for about four days and am doing so really as I want to get back to everything like yesterday but curiously, I got a shower after I got home from the A&E and when I came out of it I started sneezing. I'm like 'Whoaaahhhh..where has this come from?' Cue irritated eyes for the rest of the evening.
Fast forward 8 hrs to the following morning and my eyes are sort of stuck together in the corner. CONJUNCTIVITIS! WTF? I havn't had that since I was about 2yrs old and here I am at 35 seeing yellow goo in my eyes. I then realised that my not so brilliant throat also felt like I was sucking on razors and that I generally felt crap. I think it must be one of those stress colds you can get when you're body has had a shock. So my 3 days off that I don't get that often are being spent recouperating.
Oh well it could be worse...I can still control my mouse click button with my left hand.....MMMwhahh ha ha ha ha *think evil laughter type sound here*
This brings me to the second Ouch in the post bank balance hurting again. There seems to be a correlation to me feeling ill and buying stash. This time the Simple Knitted Bodice pattern found it's way to my pute.
Now it would have been plain rude not to buy yarn to go with it, so after a bit of surfing I decided to go with Debbie Bliss Stellar as it was on sale at Stash Fine Yarns I've gone for the Soft Lime colourway and I hope that it will work out ok. I think the tension will be right on the 4.5mm needles.
I've not used these before but seem to think that they have a good reputation.
Of course, then I needed to buy some Knit Picks Harmony circular needles and just had to purchase the Options Interchangeable Set from Get Knitted.
Seriously, I can't wait for these to arrive just so I can droooool.
Again, I seem to have Rabbitted on for some time, so I will leave you with a framing HD. I picked this up from my framers on Friday and I am really pleased with it. Most of my pieces that are for Christmas are framed this way, as are the little samplers they replace as the frame goes really well with our furniture in the living room. Picture ain't so great so forgive me...til next time feel free to Rabbit on...