Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Review of 2008 and Welcome 2009....
So, not all of 2008 was that great for me, but on reflection, compared to some people in the world, it wasn't that bad either...there are much worse things happening in the world compared to what's going on in my little insignificant life!
Starting with January (obviously) here are a few things that went on in 'ScullyLand' in 2008....
Well, I don't think January can have been that interesting as I can't remember anything about it except that I bought a full set of Crescent Colours threads!!

We went away to the Lake District and took bunny with us. The weather was really cold, but sunny and beautiful. We were walking around in t-shirts for a lot of our walks despite the fact that the air temp was often 0 or below first thing on a morning.
I discovered a great little shop called
Jolie Maison in a nearby town which sells very sweet little gifts and things for the house. All I can say is I was doomed from that point in and have spent many pennies in there ever since!
I also finished Mirabillia's Winter Maiden.

I finally had my bad foot operated on in March. The consultant wasn't that fussed about my 'problem'. He was absolutely great, but he was of the opinion that my injury was nothing major and required nothing more than a quick debriment. Can I say however, that for me, this simple procedure was the BEST. I had tiny pieces of bone swimming around in my ankle and the edge of my ankle bone needed planing for want of a better description as it was a little rough around the edges. After the initial pain from the op, my foot healed 10 fold. I had waited over 2½ years for this and it felt wonderful.
I treated myself to a new car too, a Citroen C3 VTR and I love, love, love it!
And finally, after many years of faffing about and deliberating, I had a will drawn up!

The thing about being off work and not being very mobile is that you tend to get bored. I know, I know, I have more stash than I can shake a stick at, and you would think being trapped in the house would make me happy as I could stitch to my heart's content, but I sometimes need more than that.
So...the 'Clicky Finger' comes out...that finger that costs you more than anything, sometimes over the years, even more than the Ring Finger costs you...
Well, I surfed, I lusted and I clicked and somehow, full sets of GAST, GAST Simply Shaker and Weeks Dye Works and a few charts managed to find their way over the Atlantic to Chez Scully.
You would have thought that was enough to put me on until I returned to work in May, but oh no...somehow a 32" LCD TV, a stand for it, a Nintendo Wii and a Wii Fit also found their way to Chez Scully. I used the excuse that the latter would help me regain my fitness after my op...yeh right...

Our 1st Anniversary arrived and we went away to the most wonderful B&B I have ever stayed in. It is in Far Sawrey in the Lakes, overlooks Lake Windermere and is about a mile away from my most favourite place in he world, Moss Eccles Tarn.
We walked to the tarn in an effort to do some physio on my foot, and I didn't do too badly, not as fast as usual, but at least I was mobile again.
After that little break away, I came back and found that I weighed the most I have ever done, 12st 4lbs. I didn't look good for it either, so I decided to do something about it and joined Tesco e-diets. Man, did I have to eat a lot of food. Much more than I normally ate and I didn't think it was going to work. However, I lost 4lbs in the first week. Blew my socks off that did as I have really struggled over the time since I broke my foot to keep weight off.
My Wii Fit came into it's own and by the end of the month I was back to walking and had another great week away in the Lakes.
And finally...after 4 years I had Celtic Spring framed

June was fairly uneventful for me. The one thing worth mentioning is that Celtic Summer was also finished and framed. Celtic Autumn was framed after 3 years and two little ones for my en-suite were also framed.

Again, slightly uneventful, mainly due to the fact that we had cruddy weather so we didn't go out anywhere really. We had been in the house a year and still enjoy it and are thankful for our own en-suites!!
Stitchingwise I had a new HD for me...a flatfold. It didn't come out too badly for a first attempt.

This month saw me being able to buy some rather tighter fitting clothes than I normally wear as I had finally lost enough weight to have reached my target of 10st 3lbs. I looked so much better for it and felt fitter than I had done for a long time. I was even running and enjoying it...not long distances but enough to make a difference.
I also had a little GTG with some great stitching friends and look forward to the next.

Well as followers of my blog will know, this month my life was shattered with the death of my beloved bunny, Scully. I still miss her terribly and I still talk to her when I'm in the house as I have some of her ashes in a little box, sat in a plush cushion that is placed in the spot where her cage was. Time does heal, but there is still a bit of me missing...
On a brighter note, I bought myself a shiny, all singing, all dancing laptop which I get a lot of use out of.

Not much to report on really, I was a bit of a mess this month and suffered from my third really bad throat infection of the year and generally felt crap...

Things went from bad to worse really and I had a lot of family issues to deal with which culminated in my mum and stepdad splitting up after 27 years of marriage. Let me tell you folks, a marriage break up involving one of your parents is not easy to deal with no matter what age you are and this month was probably the worst month of my entire life and at some points I really didn't know how I was going to move on and get by. On reflection, I was still very much grieving the loss of bunny and was in no state to deal with everything else. Somehow, I came out of it all the worst, but hey ho...life does go on...
On a positive note, I went to see Will Young in concert and he was soooooooo good, I almost thought I must have been dreaming. Oh to have such a talent as that...

I turned 35, I had one of the best holidays I've had in a long time, climbed my 50th Wainwright (Alfred Wainright's Lakeland Fells), got a stunning purple i-pod nano for Christmas and had one of the best Christmas Days I've ever had. We decided to please ourselves instead of others and believe me..it works a treat...
My Celtic ladies were finally completed too and I finished and picked up my favouite one, Celtic Winter.

Not the best pic as she is much more silvery IRL, but you get the idea...

Onto 2009....
Things...can only get....better..... * think D:Ream!*